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Ways to Stand Out with Cosmetic Packaging

The cosmetic industry is growing, and competition keeps becoming stiff. If you want to stand out, you need to ensure that clients can spot your products off the shelves.

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The cosmetic industry is growing, and competition keeps becoming stiff. If you want to stand out, you need to ensure that clients can spot your products off the shelves.

The easiest way to do this is to invest in skincare packaging supplies. It not only makes your products stand out but also protects them from getting damaging during shipping.

3 Ways To Stand Out in Packaging

There are so many ways you can make your packaging stand out. Getting the right cosmetic packaging supplier will ensure that the packaging you use is of distinct quality. Here are some of the ways your packages can stand out from the other product in their category.

#1 Soft-Touch Coating or Lamination

Soft-touch is a plastic finish added to carton packaging to make it stand out. The two different procedures are applied to the carton of your packaging differently and have other effects on your packaging.

  • Soft-touch coating: this is achieved during the printing process and dries up fast. Using this coating means the color and quality of your carton package will not be altered in any way. It is a good option for you if you are looking for a fingerprint-resistant option. You also get to choose how thick or thin you want the packaging to be.
  • Soft-touch lamination: this process uses plastic lamination on top of the packaging. It creates a fingerprint-resistant barrier and usually tones down the darker colors and makes them appear more sophisticated. It is the costlier of the two options but is more durable than soft-touch coating. Since it is more resistant to scratches, it is the preferred option if you want to ship your products.

#2 Embossing or Debossing

Another unique way to make your packaging stand out is by embossing or debossing a design or pattern on it. The techniques change the texture of the packaging you are using.

Embossing involves using dies to create patterns than lift from the packaging. Debossing, on the other hand, consists of creating designs that are indented on the packaging. Even though these processes were expensive at first, they are now becoming more affordable. Many companies are adopting it as a way to make their packaging distinct from the rest.

The overall outlook will depend on how intricate the patterns are. Before choosing to go this route, ensure you visualize what you want to emboss or deboss in mind. Make the designs interesting but not too detailed as the buyers might get confused. In cases where you are spoilt for choice, remember that less is more in this case. You are better off outing your pattern on one side of the package than adding many designs around the package that might not make sense.

#3 Special Coatings

Another way you can make your packaging go from normal to outstanding is the special coating. These coatings can be applied to your skincare packaging supplies to make them look different and unique. These are the coatings available in the market:

  • Matte: a matte coating leaves behind a stain-like feel to the packaging that does not leave any fingerprints behind. It also makes the colors on the packaging stand out even more.
  • Glossy: glossy coatings make the product look more shiny and smooth. They bring out the color used in the packaging even more.
  • Metalized: metalized finishes work well with silver and gold colors and hues. They add a metallic feel to the colors used in your packaging.
  • Pearlized: pearlized coatings have a reflective and holographic feature to them. They make the packaging reflect light in unique ways. The coating has a rainbow effect when it comes in contact with rays of light.
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Bring Your Cosmetic Packaging To Life With PumpsSpace

If you want to make your packaging stand out the PumpsSpace is the place to be. They have a variety of packaging ideas that will work with your current goals.

The Beauty Industry Is Growing and Becoming Increasingly More Competitive

With the beauty industry growing, competition is becoming stiff. If you do not get recognized at first, selling your products becomes difficult. While you might have excellent products, no one will look at them if they do not stand out. For this reason, substantial cosmetic brands and looking outside the box to find packaging will make them stand out from their competitors.

Unique bottles and packages are coming up every day that are hard for you to keep up. If you are in the same business, then you know you need to step up your game. Getting the right packaging is the first step to getting it right in this line of business. Once you have this covered, you can be assured of visibility, which will translate into sales.

PumpsSpace Is the Best Choice for Cosmetic Packaging and Free Samples!

If you have been in the business for a while, then you know how hard it is to get a company that will get you the right packaging you need.

PumpsSpace is the right cosmetic packaging supplier. You often spend more money buying shipping samples from different companies only to realize that it is not what you expected. With PumpsSpace, this hassle is cut out. We have been in the packaging business for a long time and can get you what you need when you need it. Our costs are affordable, especially when you order in bulk, and this can work for you as a beginner.

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We have a variety of packages in our store, and you will be spoilt for choice. The materials range from small to big bottles of different finishes and coating. In case you have an issue with what you think you will get, you can ask for free samples, so you know what you are paying for in the long run. Contact us for all your packaging needs today. We guarantee quality and value for your money.

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