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Standard Bottles & Sprayers Wholesale

We believe in good products coming from carefully selected materials and premium production. And these should be done under the right budget, at a strict timeline, of a friendly MOQ.

lotion bottles wholesale

Lotion Bottles Wholesale

Lock up/down to dispense a variety of liquids from creams to tonics.

PET Bottles Wholesale

PET Bottles Wholesale

Available in many different neck size and color variations, also safety locks.

Spray Bottles Wholesale

Spray Bottles Wholesale

Bespoke outputs ranging from 130 mcl to 200 mcl, for all care products.

Skincare Bottles Wholesale

Our glass skincare bottles and accessories are great for lotions, creams, nail polishes and other types of skincare packaging.

You can simply pair each of our plastic skincare bottles with a top, cap, or pump to tightly seal and preserve your product. Our plastic skincare bottles contain multiple collections that vary in size, shape and color.

You can order glass skincare bottle online, request free samples or contact us about ordering the following skincare bottles in bulk:

Contract Manufacturing in China

Pumpsspace offers packaging design & consultation, printing, manufacturing, final assembly and co-packing.

Pumpsspace is a dynamic and growing company with hundreds of customers located around the world.

We have been recognized for rapid growth as a packaging factory. Products we produce have won multiple awards for design and advanced technology development.

More Services When Purchasing from PumpsSpace

Private Molding Service

Private Molding Service

Produce you one-of-the-kind packaging.

Pre-Designed Styles

Pre-Designed Styles

Quick purchasing with standard bottles.

In Stock Bottles

In Stock Bottles

Instant wholesale with ready-to-ship bottles.

Your Best Cosmetic & Skincare Bottles from China

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The Ultimate Guide of Bottle Packaging

Beauty and cosmetics are very crucial when it comes to packaging. The cosmetic bottle wholesaler requires the best shipping packages. These packages are essential when transporting and making shipments from far countries.

This article will breakdown the process in its simple and easy steps to be understood by readers. This guide has the right direction for getting cosmetic bottle wholesale and daily used bottles from China.

Your Bottle Packaging Wholesaler from China

PumpSpace has been in the industry for so many years. It has been manufacturing, offering all-in-one packaging services. It has been offering cosmetic bottle manufacturing for its clients all over the world.

The best about our services is that we give you up to two weeks of free samples as our new customer.

Other than cosmetic bottle manufacturing, we also offer other services. Some of those services include a full supply chain of pumps, sprayers, among other accessories.

Part of the additional accessories includes hand sanitizers that are preferable during the COVID 19 pandemic.

We offer the best skincare bottle wholesaler. PumpSpace has high quality packing bottles at a competitive price. We use quality china products. The high quality is credited by winning China’s B2B Impact Award.

Moreover, we have a free app available to cater to your needs. Additionally, there is a comprehensive service platform. It gives you access to contacting our support staff in case you need anything. 

Purpose of Cosmetic & Skincare Packaging

1. Protection

Cosmetic bottle wholesalers require the best packaging products for the sake of protection.

The skincare bottle wholesaler also needs protection from the packaging. Part of the primary importance of a container is for storage of eth product.

It helps so that it is not degraded in handling, storage, and shipping. Damaging and degradation can be a result of various external causes.

Some of these causes can be under the category of thermal, biological, and chemical causes. These damages may be triggered by radiation. Some of the damages include the interaction of humans. Some of these causes of human interaction may be due to the pressure of electric sources.

In addition to protection, the packaging is also vital when it comes to marketing the product.

As much as the product’s quality is essential, the product’s packaging needs to be attractive. Being attractive is vital in the marketing of beauty.

The design of the package will capture the imagination that is associated with appearance. For the package to be attractive, you need to use attractive colors.

2. Creation of Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is vital when it comes to the packaging of the product. The packaging should convey a message of beauty. The package is what the consumer sees first before buying the product.

The package is influential when shaping the apperception of the product is concerned.

Brand awareness has a particular association with emotions. The appearance of the container should give the consumer an idea of the final result. The emotion being stimulated is the desire to enhance appearance.

3. Labeling

Labels give information about the product. The consumer gets to know more about the product with the help of the label on the product.

The label should convey essential details concerning the cosmetic. The company should indicate the ingredients, procedure, expiry and manufacturing dates, contact information, and address.

bottle labeling

Benefits of Custom Packaging

Elevate your Brand

Custom packaging is useful when you want to elevate your brand. Your packaging of the supplies, retail product, and sample shows what your brand involves.

Ensure you see the best side of high-quality skincare and custom packaging. The package can be enhanced to suit your brand. The cosmetic packaging you choose should have the functionality, style, and quality your products require.

The design and package of the product should promote your brand. Moreover, the packaging should be affordable, so you don’t have to overprice the final product.

Stay Organized

As a makeup artist or salon owner, the appearance of the business area should look organized. It should be good enough to attract customers. The same goes for the package of the cosmetic.

Putting the product all in one package will make it look organized. Having a well-organized working area will make it easy for you to trace the materials you need.

It also looks stylish when displayed on the package.

Promote Your Brand with Custom Packaging

When it comes to brand promotion, visibility is vital to attract clients. Most people like shopping for what they see. The package of your product will promote your brand if it uses useful features.

When you customize the packaging of your product, more clients will get the name of your brand. When you are working with minimum orders, you can create a label that can promote your brand.

Also, make excellent promotional gifts that can act as samples.

There are so many companies that deal with cosmetics. Promote the brand of your company by using customized packages.

How to Beautify Packaging

Recognizable Design

As mentioned earlier, your product package is the first thing your consumers will see on the shelves. Therefore, you have to make your package stand out. The beauty industry is flooded with people who want to walk out and look beautiful.

Having a recognizable package will make your product stand out in the crowd. As a consumer, you may not remember the name of the product.

When you describe the package of the product, you will get it. It is because the package of eth product is recognizable.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Apart from being attractive, the packaging needs to be eco-friendly. Use a package that can easily decompose.

It should not use chemicals that cause harm to the environment when used. The packaging should also protect the product itself.

If the order is damaged, it will split the chemicals, which will destroy the ozone layer.

The package should be made of reusable materials. So, when the product ends, the consumer can use the package for something else. Consider using natural products for the packaging of the material.

Pro tips: Ways to Stand Out with Cosmetic Packaging

Quality Test Standards of Containers

1. Barrier Property

Barrier property refers to the barrier performance of materials against penetrant air or liquid. 

The strength of barrier property can directly influence the quality of product during its guarantee period. It is also an important index to assess the guarantee period. 

The barrier property of cosmetic packages is one of the most important tests. It includes the oxygen permeation rate, vapor permeation rate and organic gas permeation rate.

2. Sealing Performance

Sealing performance refers to the test of whether there is a leakage point on packages or not. 

Leakage can be leaking into the package or out of the package. It appears by small crack on materials, small holes or the joining place between two pieces of materials. 

The hot sealing and the bottle mouth are the two most likely places to have leakage. 

Usually there are two methods to test: positive pressure method and negative pressure method. Positive pressure method occupied wide attention because it is not only able to test the sealing performance of ordinary packages, but also able to test additional samples by using add-ons. 

3. Head Space Air Analysis

There is always a small volume of air in packages when cosmetics packaging is finished. 

That air is very difficult to control or change since it was packed until the product is opened. 

Barrier packaging material can only obstruct the air permeation, rather than remove the air inside the bags such as oxygen (excluding the deoxidization technology). 

If the remaining air volume exceeded the maximum allowance of product reservation, the guarantee period will not be reached no matter how good is the barrier material or how well the container is packaged. Thus the remaining air in cosmetic products should be tested and adjusting should be made.

Different Capacities of Cosmetic Bottles

The bottles of different capacities should have different designs to provide a wide range of different tastes.

There are some types of bottles that make those products appear more lucrative.

The cosmetic bottles come in different sizes, with most of them ranging 3ml, 5ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 60ml, 70ml, 80ml, 100ml, 120ml, 130ml, 140ml, 150ml, 200ml and 210ml.

All these sizes come at a different price. Therefore, the clients will choose the size that suits them best according to how they can afford them.

It is essential to have different designs for all the cosmetic bottles to make them look more attractive and make them enjoy the products regardless of the size. When considering the precise shapes, dimensions are paramount in labeling the needs of the company.

It is all about evaluating numbers and brand attributes to make the best choice for the company.

Different Materials of Cosmetic Bottles

When deciding to choose the skincare packaging, it is recommendable to do so when the skincare launch plan is still underway.

It is vital to pay attention to the packaging material and how it will react with the product. Green and natural skincare products are full of great ingredients like fatty acids, essential oils, and fruit acids.

These will all react badly to the same type of material.

More so, butter and creams will end up leaching through craft paper bags. In addition to that, the acrylic jars can easily crack. For the bitter cases, polyethylene is fantastic but cannot be used for facial serums.

Polyethylene terephthalate(PET)

Polyethylene terephthalate, also known as PET, is mostly used to manufacture plastic bottles for beverage consumption and cosmetics.

PET provides a sound oil barrier between plastic and the product contained inside. In this case, it prevents the chemicals from attacking the plastic and deteriorating the material.

PET is a perfect plastic since once it is set to the desired shape that makes it look like grass. It has squeezable rages that are rigid and semi-rigid. Another useful aspect of PET is that it is light weight and thus, it reduces the cost used for shipping.

PET is the best plastic option for products that contain essential oils and high alcohol content or any other solvent.

Polypropylene plastic(PP)

Polypropylene plastic or PP is the most popular for tubes and other cosmetic containers. Glass is also another essential material to use since it is eco-friendly.


However, Glass can be difficult to handle in manufacturing and too expensive to ship.

Glass is also highly breakable and requires a lot of care when handling it either in the shops or during the time of manufacturing The Glass is virtual for serums, essential oils, and lotions.


Metal is also another material that can be used in making cosmetic bottles. However, it requires a special coating to work for the products that contain a high percentage of essential oils.


This material is known for its durability and strength. It is highly resistant to many acids and works so well with products like surfactants and also alcohol.

This product is not fit for the essentials with high oil content since it can leach the plastic into the product.

Different Shapes of Cosmetic Bottles

The cosmetic bottles come in different shapes. These include round shapes, square and oval.

Squire shape

The square ship is usually steady and classic. At times the square shape products present a fashion that looks young and energetic.

The shapes go with the client’s imagination, and the form is mostly used for toners and sprays.

Round shape

Round shape cosmetic bottles also look fantastic. This shape is well received and used to make many skincare products and the type of best-selling bottle. The round shape bottles are often used for packaging sprays as well as toners.

The oval shape

The oval shape is also widely used for cosmetic products. This shape is an elegant and beautiful shape designed to attract the eyes of shoppers and onlookers.

And just as the round and square-shaped bottles, the oval-shaped cosmetic bottle is used for toners and sprays.

All these shapes are designed to attract the attention and the tastes of different clients.