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Your sprayer and bottles project starts here. Working with PumpsSpace, you will have our direct support of bottle packaging and warehousing service. No matter how large your orders will be, we’ll get them ready in your expected time.

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One-Stop Shop for All Dispensing Packaging

We strive to be your favorite pumps & bottles supplier. Covering sections of cosmetics, house cleaning, pet cleaning, car cleaning, spa & hospitality etc.

bulk discount

Bulk Discount

Larger the quantity you order, bigger the discount you can have. We’re ready to serve the best prices.

good quality

Top Quality

ISO certified factory manufacturing and third party testing supported. Only the best quality to your order.

fast delivery

Short Lead Time

Time is important for your order, that’s why we try our best to shorten the whole lead time into 30 days or less.

save money

The Cost Cutter

We hate waste on production & shipping, just like you. We lower down every cost to save you more.

bottle manufacturing

Manufacturing Pro

We’re a new generation of manufacturer. Young, yet customer-driven, to make your order satisfying.

supply chain

Supply & Source

Everything we can’t make, we then source for you. Except for a production team, an outsource team is 24hr ready.

Full Spectrum of Sprayers & Bottles

Fully customizable/standard pumps and bottles with dedicated services from our experts. Large or small orders.

lotion pumps

Lotion Pumps

Lock up/down to dispense a variety of liquids from creams to tonics.

foaming pumps

Foaming Pumps

Available in many different neck size and color variations, also safety locks.

Treatment pumps

Treatment Pumps

Bespoke outputs ranging from 130 mcl to 200 mcl, for all care products.

Fine mist sprayers

Fine Mist Sprayers

High-quality mist sprayers to be operated smoothly for a long duration.

Trigger sprayers

Trigger Sprayers

All come in different sizes, colors, shapes. Pocket and Earth friendly.

PET lotion bottles

PET Lotion Bottles

Handwash containers, spray bottles, cosmetic bottles…Light & recyclable.

PET cleaning bottles

PET Cleaning Bottles

Durable containers for hand cleaning products, pet cleaning products alike.

Gallon pumps

Gallon Pumps

Handy, heavy-duty dispenser, available in a variety of diameter sizes.

Looking for other packaging? Our specialists can help source it for you! Request a Consultation

Your Custom/Standard Pumps & Bottles Manufacturer

Our supply chain serves as your one point of contact to manage your manufacturing.

#1 Concept
For pumps, we already have hundreds of pumps styles that ready to ship. Of course, we support customization from scratch. Materials, closure type, closure diameter, color, and tube length, are up to your choice.

#2 Pumps Manufacturing
Next, we take all the pump information to our factory and get all parts prepared to assembly. If your order is a customized one, then we will have your pumps parts molded first.

#3 Pumps Assembly
The last step is to assemble all the parts together to make a functional product. We have an assembly line that can get your pumps ready to ship in just a few hours.

#1 Concept
We will work with you from the ground up. If you already have an idea for the custom pumps or container we will consult with you, iron out any apparent issues and take it directly to production. If you don’t have an idea, we will discuss your needs, purpose, and objective thoroughly and provide a concept that will satisfy your situation.

#2 Mechanical & Digital Rendering
The next step is to take the idea or concept and workup a mechanical detailing all the features. Following this mechanical, we then digitize the new product and render it out for a very close approximation of what the final piece will look like. This is where it really starts to come to life.

#3 Bottle Manufacturing
Next, we take all the information from the mechanical and rendering to manufacturing. This is where your dream container becomes a reality.

#4 Label Design & Application
The last step is the option of letting us design, print and apply a custom label to announce and complement your new addition to the marketplace. We have professional label designers on staff who can make you a label as unique as the new product itself.

Pumps and bottles are separated sections in our factory. We totally can support pumps or bottles only, or the whole packaging solution. We are focusing on simplifying the process and maximizing your profits. Also have put together a collection of resources for your quick reference.

Delivering just the right amount of your product every time is our attitude. If you want to order pumps, just feel free to contact us.

As a professional and passionate pumps and bottles manufacturer from China, we think we can provide tips for you to choose your right packaging supplier/manufacturer. That’s our free service, as a partner, and as your friend.

  1. Reputation is vital. Good customer service can help you a lot from importing from China.
  2. Quick and free samples. A superior manufacturer is never mean on sending our free samples.
  3. A cost-cutter. A customer-driven packaging manufacturer should have the ability to lower down cost for clients.
  4. Quick response. Time is valuable in business. The manufacturer should have the ability to give a prompt response on everything.
  5. Pro, Pro, Pro. You won’t want to cooperate with a freshman. What you need should be an experienced team, who knows everything in packaging market.
pumps manufacturing
dispenser bottle manufacturing

Your Factory, Your Partner, Your Friend

Getting your high-quality pumps and bottles shouldn’t have to be a hard work. At PumpsSpace, we go beyond manufacturing.

5000+ Clients Trust PumpsSpace

Like we say, it goes beyond finishing a project. Here, you can get one-on-one service from real people that speak craftsmanship and manufacturing. Our pumps and bottle specialists work with you to achieve your goals.

No Project Is Too Big Nor Too Small

Our proven success in production enables us to work with companies both small and large. We believe in friendship and peace, and most importantly, to contribute the best quality and price to all clients.


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