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Packaging for Large or Small Orders

Ordering your ideal pumps and bottles products can be hard work. It requires you lots of time searching for the right manufacturer, who can offer a reasonable price with good service. That’s what PumpsSpace was born for. We believe in good products coming from carefully selected materials and premium production. And these should be done under the right budget, at a strict timeline, of a friendly MOQ.

Custom Pumps

lotion pumps

Lotion Pumps

Lock up/down to dispense a variety of liquids from creams to tonics.

foaming pumps

Foaming Pumps

Available in many different neck size and color variations, also safety locks.

Treatment pumps

Treatment Pumps

Bespoke outputs ranging from 130 mcl to 200 mcl, for all care products.

Gallon pumps

Gallon Pumps

Handy, heavy-duty dispenser, available in a variety of diameter sizes.

Custom Sprayers

Fine mist sprayers

Fine Mist Sprayers

High-quality mist sprayers to be operated smoothly for a long duration.

Regular mist sprayers

Regular Mist Sprayers

Crafted with the highest quality PP plastics, reliable for multi-use and containers.

Trigger sprayers

Trigger Sprayers

All come in different sizes, colors, shapes. Pocket and Earth friendly.

Crimp sprayers

Crimp Sprayers

Customed sizes, necks, colors. Ideal for perfume industries and more.

Custom Bottles

PET lotion bottles

PET Lotion Bottles

Handwash containers, spray bottles, cosmetic bottles…Light & recyclable.

PET cleaning bottles

PET Cleaning Bottles

Durable containers for hand cleaning products, pet cleaning products alike.

Custom Caps & Closures

flip top caps

Flip Top Caps

A variety of caps and closures, comes in multiple colors and sizes.

Browse by Industries

Served for every industry and section that need pumps and bottles.

Looking for More? We Can Help Source!

Our supply chain serves as your one point of contact to manage your manufacturing.

One-Stop Pumps & Bottles Supplying

Are you looking for some unique styles and top-notch quality packaging material? PumpsSpace is the right place for you. China’s No.1 brand, PumpsSpace, serves not only as a manufacturer but is also an excellent supplier that provides you with a wide variety of bottles and pumps anywhere and anytime you want.

Being a one-stop-shop that promises to cover every aspect of pumps and bottles along with their required accessories, it offers you to select and get your product customized according to your requirements. Our customer care services provide an exceptional protocol to each client, giving them an instant response for all the queries.


Instant Quoting

Our professional team is prepared around the clock to provide a quotation on your request quickly. You can reach out to our customer care representative and always expect a response within 1 hour.

Best Production

We always strive to provide our clients’ best production services; therefore, our products are produced with the utmost care and maintained to the highest quality and ISO certification.

All Trendy Styles

We understand the importance of being updated according to the market styles; therefore, we provide all the trendy styles in our catalogue, updated monthly to add up more designs.

In-House Production

With a proficient manufacturing team, we prepare all the products in our self-owned factory running in China. Also, we are flexible enough to facilitate you with our instant manufacturing services for your urgent orders.

Bulk Discounts

Being a B2B supplier, we offer bulk discounts to the wholesalers and packaging companies for bulk orders. Our discount offers depending on your order size, which means more significant discounts on more oversized orders.

One-to-one Service

Our consultation operators are available 24/7 for your assistance. Moreover, they deal with each client individually, providing them with one-to-one services. Therefore, you can consult us freely for any queries.

Dedicated Services from PumpsSpace

Covering each aspect of pumps and bottles, PumpsSpace serves as a one-stop-shop that offers various services, including customization of pumps and bottles, quick shipments, and your stock customized exclusively with your company’s logo. We also provide contract manufacturing services for long term projects.


Easy to Order Process

We prioritize our clients’ convenience; therefore, we provide a simple ordering process via email. It will take not more than 15 minutes to place your order without any complications.


Free Samples

To build up trust with our clients, we offer free samples of our products, in similar designs as selected by the client, so that they can check the quality before finalizing the order.


Quality Assurance

We aim to provide the best quality products to our clients and maintain quality standards; we have our quality assurance program to ensure perfect and accurate final products.

bottle warehouse

In-Stock Supplies

Our catalog contains an extensive range of styles and designs, most of which are already manufactured and stocked so that the client can be facilitated with even quicker order delivery.

bottle stock

Pre-Designed Styles

We facilitate our clients with our pre-designed products so that as we receive the order, we just have to customize your logo on them and ship your package right away.

bottle delivery

Hassle-Free Logistics

We guarantee our clients convenience during the shipment. We ensure that our customers have a comfortable and hassle-free experience by getting their package to any location they want through our logistic services.

Pumps and Bottles Business Order

Being a B2B manufacturer and supplier for years, we now completely understand the needs and demands of wholesalers, brands, and packaging companies.

Also, we trust our capabilities to fulfil the requirements of our clients and get them satisfied completely.

We Serve Main Pump Bottles Industries

Cosmetic Containers

Cosmetic Pumps and Bottles

We provide an extensive range of innovative and durable pumps and bottles to cosmetic brands, helping our clients enhance their cosmetic brand image and increase their sales value. Learn More

Personal Care Containers

Personal Care Pumps and Bottles

Attractive packaging definitely provides an aesthetic look to your product. PumpsSpace offers customized pumps and bottles for several personal care products, including shampoo bottles, hand creams, face scrubs, etc. Learn More

Bath & Body Care Containers

Bath & Body Care Pumps and Bottles

We provide a broad spectrum of perfect packaging materials for bath and body care products. You can select any design from our in-stock collection and get it customized with your private label right away. Learn More

Spa Containers

Spa Containers Pumps and Bottles

We serve as an ideal supplier and trust-worthy manufacturer of spa container pumps and bottles for several related brands and stores. We completely understand the clients’ requirements and work accordingly. Learn More

Pet Care Packaging

Pet Care Pumps and Bottles

We offer high-quality, tamper proof pet care pumps and bottles to several pet care companies, wholesalers, and brands. Our top-quality packaging material helps your pet care products to sustain their condition. Learn More

Hotel Amenity Containers

Hotel Amentity Pumps and Bottles

We manufacture and supply the best pumps and bottles to packaging hotel amenity products to various packaging companies. Our packaging material proves to be budget-friendly, durable, and convenient for the user. Learn More

PumpsSpace, Pumps Bottle Manufacturer from China

The Manufacturer with Best Pump Bottles Prices

A leading brand in China, PumpsSpace is the number one manufacturer of pumps and bottles. There are various points at which we differ from others; the prominent among them are our best prices. We strive to provide top-quality products at the most reasonable prices compared to all other companies.

With five years of experience, PumpsSpace completely understands a buyer’s concerns; therefore, we communicate directly to our clients, so there are no middlemen involved. We ensure hassle-free services for our clients.

You Deserve Top-of-the-line Services

We believe that each client deserves the best packaging products for their brand, which helps them raise their products’ value significantly and attract several customers. We provide top-notch services for that purpose.

We help our clients to select a design trending in the market. Some of the other services that we provide to our customers include customization with private labels and logos, moulding pumps, and bottles to prepare different styles; we also ensure quality production and instant manufacturing and quick shipments.

Our Standard: Only The Highest Quality

Quality standards have always been a centre of focus for us. We strive to provide excellent quality products to our clients, and for that purpose, we ensure strictly implemented SOPs in our manufacturing zone.

Also, we perform a series of more than ten quality control tests in our self-owned laboratory at different production stages to ensure high quality and perfectly intact final product. We do not compromise on quality at any cost. Third-party reports are also available on demand.

More than A Manufacturer, A Sourcer Also

If there is any service we do not provide ourselves or any product which we do not manufacture, we fulfil your demands through outsourcing. We have a professional supply chain of up to 10 partners for outsourcing. Together with the companies that collaborated, we cover every aspect of pumps and bottles, serving as a one-stop-shop for all of our customers.

When you place an order, it becomes our responsibility to get you top-notch services and products that meet the quality standards.