Dispensing Sprayers Wholesale

Have a look at our high-quality sprayers that are displayed below. Intensify your product with one of the trendiest bottle sprayers.

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Dispensing Sprayers for Large or Small Orders

The elegant and good quality sprayer will intensify the look of the bottle. PumpsSpace being the number one manufacturer of bottle sprayers in China, provides the best quality products. We offer a variety of sprayers that can be customized according to your requirements at reasonable rates. We also give benefits like low MOQ, which is very rare among our competitors.

Fine mist sprayers

Fine Mist Sprayers

High-quality mist sprayers to be operated smoothly for a long duration.

Regular mist sprayers

Regular Mist Sprayers

Crafted with the highest quality PP plastics, reliable for multi-use and containers.

Trigger sprayers

Trigger Sprayers

All come in different sizes, colors, shapes. Pocket and Earth friendly.

Crimp sprayers

Crimp Sprayers

Customed sizes, necks, colors. Ideal for perfume industries and more.

PP Materials – High Durability

PumpsSpace offers polypropylene(PP) made sprayers that are highly durable and corrosion-resistant.

These tough sprayers can be used for intermittent and semi-continuous fluid applications. Our client can choose any sprayer from the catalogue.

PP material sprayer bottles (1)

Various Applications

Offering various applications that are displayed below, our super quality sprayers are suitable for several products, such as cosmetic products, body care products, hotel amenity product and many more.

Order Your Sprayers in Low MOQ!

PumpsSpace is offering free samples and low MOQ to their clients so, that smaller businesses may flourish. Select the product and order now.

One-Stop Sprayers & Bottles Supplying

PumpsSpace is a quality manufacturer. We can help our client to manufacture all kinds of sprayers and dispensers such as sprayer for cosmetics, for hotel amenity products etc. Furthermore, our services include free samples for our valuable clients. We provide a whole range of packing products that can be customized upon request.

Moreover, PumpsSpace is a one-stop service for its clients, regarding all kinds of sprayer material, length, colours and exterior packaging. To ensure the quality services, we have fast communication setup with a well responsive team. So, we will respond to you within an hour our communication staff is available for your assistance.

Dispensing Sprayers

Prompt Quoting

PumpsSpace has a fast-responding network. Your query will be served within 1 hour to provide you with the best services. Our communication team is always ready to assist you, 24/7.

Lean Production

Our company has its own manufacturing setup to assist you with a quality product. We have the expert team to maintain the quality of the product. All of our products are ISO certified.

All Sprayer Styles

We are up-to-date with style and work on latest trends in the market. Providing the newest sprayers in the market, we introduce the latest and improved quality products every coming month.

Self-Owned Factory

PumpsSpace has its own manufacturing plant, and our factory is located in China. The client has the option to avail instant manufacturing services according to their requirement without any delay.

Wholesale Discounts

Our Company gives a discount on bulk orders. It will help wholesalers to get more benefits in the market. We work on the strategy “big order, a larger the discount.”

Exclusive Service

We are china’s leading manufacturer as well as a supplier, providing you with the best possible services. Pumpspace has an expert sales staff that work 24 hours to offer you one-to-one service.

Sprayers and Bottles Business Order

PumpsSpace is working as large scale manufactures. We provide required sprayers according to demands to support wholesalers, brand owners and packaging companies.

We work with B2B suppliers, understand their demands well and help their businesses grow fulfilling their needs.

We Serve Main Sprayers Bottles Industries

Cosmetic Containers

Cosmetic Sprayers and Bottles

Pump space is working on a larger scale and producing multiple styled sprayers for cosmetic brands. These sprayers are easy to handle as well as enhance the beauty of the bottles. Learn More

Personal Care Containers

Personal Care Sprayers and Bottles

The company provides the brands with ease to customize their own care sprayers in the desired colour, length, material and much more. Commonly such sprayers are seen on shampoo bottles, hand cream etc. Learn More

Bath & Body Care Containers

Bath & Body Care Sprayers and Bottles

We are the perfect sprayer manufacturers with a bundle of packaging sample designs. The brands can find the customize packaging with their label that we manufactured in our factory. Learn More

Spa Containers

Spa Containers Sprayers and Bottles

PumpsSpace is the ideal supplier that provides top-notch quality Spa container sprayer. We have expertise in understanding the Spa stores and brand needs. We offer quick shipping and lowest MOQ. Learn More

Pet Care Packaging

Pet Care Sprayers and Bottles

Typically, pet care products are not easy to find, but we made it easy for our clients by offering high-quality sprayers that are fit for any situation. We provide supplies to brands, wholesalers and pet care companies. Learn More

Hotel Amenity Containers

Hotel Amentity Sprayers and Bottles

Being the most prominent manufacture in China and producing a vast range of product. Hotel amenity sprayers are also our specialty. The best thing is that they are durable with economical prices. Learn More

PumpsSpace, Sparyers Bottles Manufacturer from China

The Manufacturer with Best Pump Prices

PumpsSpace being large manufacturer of sprayers and dispensers, provide the best quality product in discounted price. The clients get many benefits such as best quality products, at relatively lower prices and significant discounts. You don’t need to bear any middleman cost to receive your order as we have our factory in china.

The order will be dispatched directly to you from our manufacturing plant. As being the best manufacturer; Pumpspace has many years’ experience in the manufacturing field.

You Deserve Top-of-the-line Services

Each brand deserves the best sprayers for their product as best sprayers and dispensers enhance the image of the brand and add value to it. Pumpspace can help your brand or store with that. We provide you with the best supply services. We can assist you in packing designs, private labelling prayers and bottles moulding. Our products are ISO certified, as we have strict rules for quality control in the factory and we can provide you with fast shipping of your orders.

Our Standard: Only The Highest Quality

Top-notch quality is the main concern of the client, and we take 10+ steps to identify the quality of the products we manufacture. These steps are to ensure that all products are intact and perfect. The Company has its own quality check laboratory, and all tests are performed in those specialized laboratories.

Moreover, our laboratory is appropriately maintained and meets all criteria of standard quality check room. Moreover, a third-party report can also be issued upon request to ensure the product quality.

More than A Manufacturer, A Sourcer Also

Though we are manufactures, we also offer supply chain services to our clients across the world according to their needs. Supply chain services are a particular part of our services. There are some products that we do not manufacture in our factory, but we can help our clients to reach those required products.

Being a large sprayers manufacturer, Pumpspace has ten partner manufacturers. Those manufacturers have all the varieties of pumps and sprayers that any of our clients could need.