Fine Mist Sprayers Wholesale

Check the variety of fine mist sprayers in our catalogue. Order now and give a boost to your brand packaging with our high-quality sprayers.

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Fine Mist Sprayers for Large or Small Orders

PumpsSpace is the no. 1 supplier of fine mist sprayers manufacturing the perfect sprayers for hair sprays, sunblock, air fresheners, and more. We understand the client’s need and requirements and offer a variety of fine mist sprayers accordingly.

Moreover, we prioritize the suitability of our client for which we offer exclusive services like low MOQ and customized packaging material production.












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The Main Parts You Can Custom

pp fine mist sprayers

PP Fine Mist Sprayers

The robust design of trigger sprayers usually made up of polypropylene material is excellent in corrosion resistance. Select any type of PP trigger sprayers that can be used in both intermittent and semi-continuous fluid applications.

pe fine mist sprayers dip tubes

PE Fine Mist Sprayers Dip Tubes

PE dip tubes are the most common type of tubing popular for its excellent compound compatibility. Select your required dip tubes for bottles depending on the bottle size and material present inside.

Fine Mist Sprayers Neck Options

PumpsSpace offers several options of fine mist sprayers having different capacity levels like 18/410, 20/410, 28/410 etc.

aluminum fine mist sprayers


shiny golden fine mist sprayers

Shiny Gold

ribbed fine mist sprayers


smooth fine mist sprayers


silver and black fine mist sprayers

Double Color

shiny silver fine mist sprayers

Shiny Silver

colored fine mist sprayers


matte fine mist sprayers


Various Applications

Whether you are looking for innovative fine mist sprayers to package cosmetic products, body care products or hotel amenity products, our high quality versatile fine mister sprayers are a perfect match for everything.

Order Your Fine Mist Sprayers in Low MOQ!

PumpsSpace offers free sample check even on low MOQ of 20,000. What are you waiting for? Order now and experience our best selling products.

One-Stop Fine Mist Sprayers Supplying

Are you looking for some innovative designs and trendy styles of fine mist sprayers for your brand packaging? Well, PumpsSpace is the go-to shop for you. Covering every aspect of fine mist sprayers, we provide a huge variety in our catalog and serve as a one-stop-shop for different types of fine mist sprayers and tubes for our clients.

Moreover, you can get your products customized with your brand label. Whether you require assistance in design selection or want your brand logo to be customized on the packaging bottles, our efficient consultation team is available with all the bespoke solutions.

fine mist sprayers

Instant Quotes

For any queries, you can contact our efficient customer care services provider team, which is available 24/7 on chat to respond quickly within an hour of your request.

ISO Verified

PumpsSpace offers nothing else than the best production for all the clients and customers. Therefore, all the products are ISO verified and are manufactured in a self-owned factory in China with strict implementation of quality control.

Major Pump Styles

You can find all of the exclusive designs of fine mist sprayers in our catalogue to cope up with the market trends. Moreover, we update our catalogue monthly to add new styles to our clients.

Professional Manufacturing

Our factory running in China is blessed with an extremely professional manufacturing team which is always ready to benefit the client with instant manufacturing and quick shipment according to their demands.

Large Discounts

Bigger will be your invoice, the more significant discount you will enjoy. PumpsSpace offers larger discounts to wholesalers, brands and packaging companies on bulk purchases and the discount margin increases with your order size.

One-to-one Consultation

Feel free to contact our active sales team to enjoy one-to-one consultation services whenever you require. Our customer care professionals are always available on the chat to guide you with all of your queries.

Order Your Fine Mist Sprayers in Bulk

Working as a B2B manufacturer and supplier of fine mist sprayers for years, we now completely understand the basic requirements of our clients.

Moreover, we trust our abilities to fulfill their demands and provide them with high quality, innovative and reliable products.

Industries that Use Our Fine Mist Sprayers

Cosmetic Containers

Cosmetic Fine Mist Sprayers and Bottles

Do you want to raise the image of your cosmetic brand? Do you want to increase the ratio of your happy clients? Try out our cosmetic fine mist sprayers for your cosmetic brands. Learn More

Personal Care Containers

Personal Care Fine Mist Sprayers and Bottles

You can get your personal care brands customized with PumpsSpace. Also, we offer a huge variety of fine mist sprayers to personal care brands, wholesalers and packaging companies to make their packaged products consumer-friendly. Learn More

Bath & Body Care Containers

Bath & Body Care Fine Mist Sprayers and Bottles

Look for the perfect packaging and fine mist sprayers in PumpsSpace for your bath and body care products that can be customized exclusively for their brands with private labels and logos. Learn More

Spa Containers

Spa Fine Mist Sprayers and Bottles

Offering low MOQ, quick shipments, instant manufacturing, and logo customization, PumpsSpace is an ideal supplier of fine mist sprayers for spa containers and bottles to several spa brands and stores. Learn More

Pet Care Packaging

Pet Care Fine Mist Sprayers and Bottles

PumpsSpace supplies fine mist sprayers to several pet care brands, companies, and wholesalers. These high-quality sprayers provide an air-tight environment for the products to keep them in good condition. Learn More

Hotel Amenity Containers

Hotel Amenity Fine Mist Sprayers and Bottles

Durability and reliability is our priority, we offer economical, durable and long-lasting fine mist sprayers for the hotel amenity products and supply numerous hotel amenity brands, companies and wholesalers. Learn More

PumpsSpace, the Fine Mist Sprayers Manufacturer & Supplier

The Manufacturer with Best Trigger Sprayer Prices

A reliable brand having years of experience, offering high-quality products within the most reasonable price range, PumpsSpace serves as a leading brand of fine mist sprayers manufacturer and supplier from China.

We offer outstanding services with the best prices that are much lower as compared to the market rates. In fact, we help you save money; we make direct contact with our client throughout the process, preventing the involvement of any middlemen who charge you extra cash.

You Deserve Top-of-the-line Services

To enhance the image of the brand, each company looks for excellent quality packaging material with innovative and stylish designs. Therefore, we believe that each of our clients deserves top of the line services for their brand products.

We help our clients to select the trending designs, offer services for customization with the private labels and provide molding of fine mist sprayers and bottles. Moreover, we are always ready to benefit our clients with the best production, instant quoting and manufacturing, and quick shipment.

Our Standard: Only The Highest Quality

Quality has always been our top-most priority and to maintain quality; we perform 10+ quality control steps at different stages of manufacturing. Also, we make sure that the standard SOPs for product manufacturing are strictly implemented and followed.

Moreover, we have our self-owned laboratory that is made in accordance with the standards of a cleanroom in the germ-free environment of which all the quality control tests are performed. Finally, to ensure 100% clients satisfaction, we offer third party reports on demand.

More than A Manufacturer, A Sourcer Also

Together with our 10 partnered companies, PumpsSpace makes a supply chain for the clients that cover every aspect of trigger sprayers. If you order something that we do not manufacture on our own, we get it done for you through our collaborative companies.

You can trust us with outsourcing as well, as our professional supply chain is always there to deal with your needs and fulfill your requirements. Also, we ensure the manufacturing of high quality, durable, and reliable outsourced products within the given time frame.