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Check out our latest collection of high-quality PET bottles with different sizes, shape, colour and designs that will intensify your brand image.

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PET Bottles for Large or Small Orders

PumpsSpace is one of the largest and best bottle manufacturers from china. PET bottle packaging is essential as it takes the product to the next level giving it an aesthetic effect. We offer the clients with a wide range of bottles that suits their product packaging. By choosing us, you can avail benefits like low MOQ of 10,000, customized production and much more.

PET lotion bottles

PET Lotion Bottles

Lock up/down to dispense a variety of liquids from creams to tonics.

PET cleaning bottles

PET Cleaning Bottles

Durable containers for hand cleaning products, pet cleaning products alike.

PP Materials – High Durability

The PP bottles we manufacture are actually polypropylene plastic which is corrosion resistant.

These PP bottles feature rugged construction, and they can be used for intermittent and semi-continuous fluid applications.

PP material pet bottles

Various Applications

The bottles we manufacture can be used in various applications, including cosmetic product, baby products, hygiene products, body care products, hotel amenity products, etc. You can get them here in a wide variety.

Order Your PET Bottles in Low MOQ!

We offer the benefit of lowest minimum order quantity and free samples so that you can grow up your small business with us.

One-Stop PET Bottles Supplying

PumpsSpace is the no.1 manufacturer and supplier, who can provide all kinds of bottles and dispensers according to your packing needs, may it be a cleaning bottle or lotion bottles. We are your one-stop service point as we can manufacture all types of customized bottles and tubes, with different sized necks and dispensers according to our client’s needs.

In addition to these qualities, our communication skills are something that we are proud of. We respond to the queries and questions of our clients within an hour, and provide them with the best answers to your questions.

Pet bottles styles

Quoting in 12 Hours

Our fantastic team is ready to cooperate with you and assist you in every way possible. We reply to you instantly within an hour, and this service is available 24/7.

ISO Certified

We give you the best production experience as we have self-owned factories for the productions of bottles. We keep our quality the best, and all our products are ISO certified.

Updated Bottles

We never stay behind anyone, especially in style. We manufacture all the trendy designs available in the market. We also update our styles every month regularly to keep up with the latest fashion.

Lean Manufacturing

All the products that we manufacture are made in china in our self-owned factories. If a client wants quick customized production, they can get a benefit of instant manufacturing and direct fast shipping.

Bulk Prices

PumpsSpace wants to keep their customers happy so, it offers large discounts to the wholesalers who buy our products in large quantity. The larger the order more will be the discount.

Professional Team

Our amazing team is at your service on chat to solve all your queries and problems. We provide you with the benefits of one-to-one service 24/7. You will get our response within an hour.

Purchase PET Bottles as Business Order

PumpsSpace is doing a fabulous business with B2B companies, wholesalers and brand owners needing PET bottle supplies. We understand that B2B buyers need large quantity orders in time.

This is why we possess the superiority to fulfil all their requirements instantly.

We Serve Main PET Bottles Industries

Cosmetic Containers

Cosmetic PET Bottles

We supply decent quality bottles to various cosmetic brands. We understand that excellent quality bottles are well used in the cosmetic industry play a vital in enhancing the brand’s image. Learn More

Personal Care Containers

Personal Care PET Bottles

Brands that sell personal care products can get their bottles customized at PumpsSpace. We can provide personal care brands with shampoo bottles, hand cream, and other customized bottles according to their requirements. Learn More

Bath & Body Care Containers

Bath & Body Care PET Bottles

PumpsSpace can provide customized bottles to bath and body care brands with the perfect packaging for their bottles. We can also customize a private label for different companies according to their needs. Learn More

Spa Containers

Spa Containers PET Bottles

We are the supreme suppliers of spa containers’ bottles. We realize that the spa brands and stores need personalized logos, speedy shipping and a low MOQ, and we aim to provide them with all of these. Learn More

Pet Care Packaging

Pet Care PET Bottles

Pet care products will be in excellent condition with our bottles. We provide the pet care companies, brands and the wholesalers with the best quality pet bottles we can offer them. Learn More

Hotel Amenity Containers

Hotel Amentity PET Bottles

We are one of the biggest and most reliable manufacturers of hotel amenity products. We can offer different hotels with their customized amenity products which are both economical and durable. Learn More

PumpsSpace, PET Bottles Manufacturer from China

The Manufacturer with Best Pump Prices

PumpsSpace is one of the finest and most reliable manufacturers of good quality bottles from china. The best thing about us that stands out the most among other good qualities is that we have the best prices among our competitors.

No additional cost is required since we supply the orders directly from the factory and subsequently, no middle man is needed. We have years of experience in manufacturing these products, and we can guarantee that you will not regret working with us.

You Deserve Top-of-the-line Services

We have a firm belief that every brand and company should have the most perfect and finest quality bottles so that their brand image and reputation should be polished among their customers. PumpsSpace can help you with that by giving you a top-notch supplying service.

Services that we can provide you with are; design assistance, customized labels and private logos, bottles and bottle moldings, speedy production, ISO quality control and quick and reliable shipping to the required area.

Our Standard: Only The Highest Quality

Our expert team follows the strict policies for checking overall quality control issues and ensure that all the products manufactured at PumpsSpace are intact and flawless.  We take 10+ steps to check the quality of the production at different stages in our specialized laboratories within the factories.

Besides, our laboratory is a cleanroom up to the standard which attests that the environment is as perfectly germfree. We can also give provide a report to the third party on for their satisfaction on demand.

More than A Manufacturer, A Sourcer Also

We are proud to say that we are not just limited to being a manufacturer; instead, we are also a supply chain professional in dealing with clients. We can source such products for the ease of our customers that we don’t manufacture in our own factories.

We are able to help our customers as we have partnered up with over ten factories that can cover every part or design of bottles that we do not produce. With PumpsSpace, you get all the services without any hassle.