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Pumps for Large or Small Orders

To ensure convenient dispensing and uniform usage, pumps and dispensers are of great importance. PumpsSpace, China’s No.1 manufacturer of pumps and dispensers, offers a wide variety of pump designs that are highly durable packaging material by our clients.

We offer an additional feature of customization, and no matter your order is small or large, we are there to provide the lowest MOQ in the market.

lotion pumps

Lotion Pumps

Lock up/down to dispense a variety of liquids from creams to tonics.

foaming pumps

Foaming Pumps

Available in many different neck size and color variations, also safety locks.

Treatment pumps

Treatment Pumps

Bespoke outputs ranging from 130 mcl to 200 mcl, for all care products.

Gallon pumps

Gallon Pumps

Handy, heavy-duty dispenser, available in a variety of diameter sizes.

The Main Parts You Can Custom

PP Pumps

PP Dispenser Pumps

Polypropylene or pp pumps are used for either intermitted or semi-continuous fluid material. These pumps can withstand rough handling and are corrosion-resistant. You can select and order any type of PP pump displayed above.

dip tube

PE Dip Tubes

The most common type of tubing PE tubes can be customized according to the sizes required. With its excellent compounding compatibility, it can be used with different types of packaging products.

Pumps Closure Neck Options

We offer a variety of closure neck options for the pumps so that you can select whatever you want.

ribbed pump


Matte pump


Shinny pumps


Gold pumps



Double Deck

Silver Matte

Various Applications

Whether you want a packaging pump for cosmetics and skincare products or beautiful and long-lasting pumps and dispensers for hotel amenities, we have got you covered with our versatile products.

Order Your Pumps in Low MOQ!

You got a small order? No worries! We entertain MOQ of 5000 – lowest in the market.

One-Stop Pumps & Bottles Supplying

With the wide variety of pumps and dispensers, we help you achieve your goal much conveniently. We provide high-quality products, so we don’t hesitate to offer a free sample check before placing a bulk order to ensure 100% satisfaction; that means no second thoughts!

Moreover, we prioritize our client’s demands, so let us know the type of product you want, and even the parts of pumps and dispensers are chosen by the buyers themselves.

Want something different? Get your product completely customized as per your requirements. Our efficient customer care services make sure you get a fast quotation, instant response, and proper consultation when required.

hand wash pumps

Instant Quoting

PumpsSpace ensures quick quotations and instant responses within 30 minutes to one hour of your request. Furthermore, our consultation team is also available 24/7 for any type of guidance you require.

Best Production

We strive to give the best products with excellent quality, manufactured within our own factories. Here, each product is ISO certified. Moreover, we support the third party testing of our products, too.

All Trendy Styles

To keep up your competition in the market, we provide all the designs trending. Also, we update our catalog every month to add up new styles of pumps and dispensers.

In-House Production

Our in-house manufacturing team is always ready to serve our clients instantly with their selected products. We manufacture our own products in our factory, running in China.

Bulk Discounts

We offer the best prices to our clients with exclusive packages. The bigger order you place, the bigger discount you get. So, order now and get exclusive discounts on bulk orders.

One-to-one Service

Each client is equally important to us. If you have any queries, you can get one-to-one assistance anytime from our passionate sales team, which is available 24/7 on chat.

Pumps and Bottles Business Order

Having a considerable experience of 5 years as a B2B supplier, we understand what you want, and we know how to fulfill your requirements.

Taking care of the market trends, we offer high quality, budget-friendly products to help you achieve your target.

We Serve Main Pump Bottles Industries

Cosmetic Containers

Cosmetic Pumps and Bottles

Being a supplier, we have been working with several packaging companies and wholesalers. A number of cosmetic brands enhance the aesthetics of their products with our beautiful and stylish packaging pump bottles. Learn More

Personal Care Containers

Personal Care Pumps and Bottles

Want some eye-catching pumps for personal care products? We supply various pumps for shampoo bottles, hand washes, hand creams, body lotions, moisturizers, and many more. You can also get them customized here exclusively. Learn More

Bath & Body Care Containers

Bath & Body Care Pumps and Bottles

We prepare one of the best-selling packagings pumps exclusively made for bath and body care products. These pumps are tamper-proof with an additional feature of the customized label of your brand. Learn More

Spa Containers

Spa Containers Pumps and Bottles

Spa container pumps- We know how vital aesthetics they are; therefore, with our beautifully designed packaging pumps having customized labels and logo, we provide quick shipments and help you grow. Learn More

Pet Care Packaging

Pet Care Pumps and Bottles

Another variety of pumps that we offer are the pet care pumps. We have been the no.1 pet care pumps supplier providing the companies and brands with long-lasting excellent pumps. Learn More

Hotel Amenity Containers

Hotel Amentity Pumps and Bottles

Hotel amenities make people’s stay enjoyable. Our beautiful yet economical packing pumps for hotel amenities are budget-friendly. We manufacture highly durable hotel amenity pumps to help you raise your value in the market. Learn More

PumpsSpace, Pumps Bottle Manufacturer from China

The Manufacturer with Best Pump Prices

With five years of experience and a constant strive for betterment, PumpsSpace has become the leading manufacturer of pumps and dispensers. We are greatly popular among the people because of our top quality products with extremely reasonable prices.

Providing shipments directly from the factory in China, which means there isn’t any involvement of middlemen. In this way, the client saves a lot of additional charges. Not only this but also within the market, we have got affordable prices when compared to other companies.

You Deserve Top-of-the-line Services

We understand the importance of packaging pumps that should be unique and stylish for each brand to raise the value and image of your product and attract a number of customers. Therefore, we believe each client requires a special protocol.

Our exclusive supplying services include assistance in design selection, molding of pumps and bottles, and also instant productions on a large scale. We ensure your satisfaction with our 100% ISO verified products and fast shipment to help you achieve your goal within the time limit.

Our Standard: Only The Highest Quality Pumps

Maintaining standards is our first choice. During the manufacturing process, we ensure the implementation of standard operating procedures along with a number of quality control tests at different stages to make sure that the product being prepared is of standard quality.

We own an ISO class 5 laboratory, with standards of cleanroom and an environment completely free of germs, to perform the quality control tests of our products. Finally, we provide third party report on demand of the client for their satisfaction.

More than A Manufacturer, A Sourcer Also

Whatever we cannot manufacture in our factory, we fulfill your demand through outsourcing. In addition to our passionate manufacturing team, we also have a chain of more than ten companies collaborated to work for you and supply what you need.

Along with these partners, we cover each and every aspect of pumps and dispensers. Therefore, you don’t have to search around for any service that we don’t provide on our own. You can trust us with your orders, and we will outsource your demand and get your work done.