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Spray Bottles Supplier Guide: What’s & Where’s the Best Spray Bottles

The following breakdown on spray bottles can prove useful in trying to get your business going due to good user design and marketing.

spray bottles

Spray bottles are an essential to many households around the world. Most spray bottles consist of a container that holds the liquid, a straw that sucks up the liquid, and the dispensing unit that delivers the liquid in a spray. Spray bottles are popular in dispensing liquids like perfumes and fragrances, hair products such as conditioners and sprays, facial products like micellar water and toners, and more cosmetics products.

However, they are not only limited to the cosmetics industry.

Spray bottles are used to spray water and keep plants alive, to dispense cleaning products such as soap, furniture and glass cleaners, and more. Spray bottles are essential in our everyday lives. If you are thinking of starting a business that involves using spray bottles, it is important that you find out the best bottle to the right bottle so that you can market and sell your products more.

There are many kinds of bottles based on shapes, colors, materials, and sizes. The following breakdown on spray bottles can prove useful in trying to get your business going due to good user design and marketing. This can help you find the best design for your product.

What’s the Materials of Spray Bottles

Spray bottles are popular in many industries, ranging from hospitality to the cosmetics industry. The choice of material largely depends on some factors like the intended budget as some are more expensive than others, the intended use of the bottle, the target audience, and many more. There are some popular options in today’s market and we will explore three of them.

Glass Spray Bottles

Glass Spray BottlesGlass bottles have been around for ages, and have become more popular over time thanks to the environmental conservation concern. Bottles made of glass are commonly clear and transparent but can also be colored depending on the need of the manufacturer. They are also useful in terms of handling material as most of them are used to reduce tampering.

Glass bottles cannot be corroded, which makes them useful for storing chemicals or cleaning agents that need to be diluted to be used. If stored in the right places, some of the contents that may continue chlorides will not be broken down by exposure to the sun.

Glass can be revamped

Glass often comes in many shapes, forms, and colors. It offers the option to be stained, engraved, colored, and shaped to any shape imaginable. We have seen perfume spray bottles shaped like hearts, teardrops, and other unique shapes. This makes them a good choice if you want to explore your artistic side. You might have to contact your spray bottle manufacturer or spray bottle manufacturer if you cannot do the changes yourself.

They are reusable

Glass spray bottles are reusable in many cases. As some are mostly used in perfumes or essential oil storage, it is easy to find small businesses that also accept the bottles back for refills and recycling. Even at home, it is easy to clean a glass bottle at home and use it again. Environmentally speaking, they are some of the best choices for spray bottles, especially if you are going for a level of class and elegance.

If clear they can show contents

Unless opaque or darkly tainted glass is used, it is easy to tell the exact contents of a spray bottle based on the colors of the liquid. This makes it very easy to tell the contents of a bottle, which makes it easy to tell if they are still in a usable state or not. Some stained glass also show the amount of liquid left in the bottle for those who like to refill or buy another before it empties.

They retain temperatures

In order to retain some of the recommended temperatures to retain the quality and usefulness of some of the contents of spray bottles such as cleaning agents or cosmetics products that need to retain their quality for better functionality. Glass bottles are not easily affected by fluctuating temperature changes in the environment of the room.

They are a standard for class

Glass bottles are mainly used in high-end products such as fragrances and perfumes. Other materials are usually considered crass unless the theme requires them, in which case the thematic material will be used.

Metal Spray Bottles

There are many kinds of metal bottles in the world. Long ago, they were made of pure tin, but as time evolved, aluminum bottles have become more popular. Aluminum bottles are mostly used in the cosmetics industry especially for things like soap and gels which can be placed in bathrooms and other humid areas.

There are more advantages to using these types of bottles and some of them including:

They are highly protective

The airtight features of many aluminum bottles make them airtight and preserve the contents of their bottles. The fact that they are opaque means anything stored in them cannot be affected by light. Unlike its predecessor the tin bottle, aluminum is less prone to rusting and altering the contents of the bottle.

They are reusable

Most of the aluminum bottles have a screw-top cap that can be used when recycling or refilling. In case the spray part jams or becomes unusable, it can always be replaced with another while retaining the bottle.

They are an aesthetic

Aluminum bottles also provide a chic, elegant, and solid metallic look that goes well with any silver, grey, or black theme. Their reusability also makes them a safe bet in environmental conservation. Some of them are used for medicines and other pharmaceutical products to help maintain the state of the product.

Plastic Spray Bottles

In description, plastic is basically a polymer but is often added other chemicals and materials to improve its durability and strength. There are numerous variations of plastics based on the additives that have been included in their composition. In the last 30 years, plastics have become the go-to packaging unit for many companies, and here is why:

They are economic

Plastic spray bottles have become popular because they are economic to produce, transport, and sell. People generally use plastic bottles because they are cheaper to produce and even in the case, they get destroyed during shipping they can easily be replaced at a cheaper cost.

They are reusable

Plastic spray bottles are reusable, especially when they are used for everyday life things like cleaning materials or water. Strong plastic materials are often made for different purposes and these can be reused in many instances.

They are easily available

Due to their ease of production, plastic spray bottles are easily available in many parts of the world. The pandemic has made it possible to access.

They can be shaped

Plastic is one of the most versatile materials in the world and can be shaped into any shape as per the desires of the buyer or the business owner. You can use them to increase the appeal of the contents, like shaping them into fruits to sell fruity scents.

What’s the 2021 Spray Bottle Shapes

Due to changing times and rising trends, certain shapes of spray bottles are becoming more popular in various industries. Here are some of the most popular shapes of the year.

1. Oval Spray Bottles

Oval spray bottles have become quite popular thanks to their appealing, distinctive elliptic shape. There are various variations of the shape, including but not limited to the teardrop oval, the reversed oval, the reversed tapered oval, and the marquise diamond oval. Here are some of the reasons why they are the go-to choice for many business owners.

They are unique and aesthetically pleasing.

Most of the bottles that are oval bottles are used for drinks with the most common being the hip flask. However, they can be used to carry other products like personal care products, pharmaceutical products, household products, and more. Its better shelf presence and the enhanced grip of the bottle make it a top choice for many business owners.

2. Oblong Shaped Bottles

Oblong shapes are essentially one shaped with an elongated end. They have become popular due to their ergonomics. Here is why they are becoming a popular spray bottle option in the world.

They are easy to pack and ship

Unlike many other shapes, the oblong shape maximizes the surface area in packaging, making it easier to package.

They offer a stronger grip

Oblong shapes are easy to grip and enable the user to apply pressure evenly because of their flat sides.

They are easy to fill up and manage on a conveyer belt

For those considering starting a business, oblong shapes are more stable compared to the round ones on the conveyer belt.

3. Round bottles

Round bottles have been around for ages which makes them a favorite choice for many. Round bottles are used for juices, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and many other things. Here are some of the reasons why they are a popular choice:

Easy Mechanical labeling

Round bottles have been appealing for their versatile uses.

Round bottles are easy to label because they are of a familiar shape. Round bottles provide an easy surface to label especially if you are using a machine to do it.

Ease of carrying

Depending on the size of the bottle, most of the convenience holders such as car cup holders only fit round containers. This makes it easy to carry things like sanitizers around. It is also easier to hold if you have to carry it around so it makes it a great choice for nurses, fitness enthusiasts, moms, and many other people.

4. Square Bottles

Of most of the bottle shapes, this is one of the most stable. They stand due to their flat sides and a flat bottom. Square bottles are very unique so they are a great choice if you want your brand to be outstanding. Being aesthetically pleasing, they make it easy to store many pharmaceuticals, beverages, and more. Square bottles are also a popular choice and here is why:

They make for easy and compact packaging.

When it comes to packaging, square bottles are more orderly and utilize a lot more space compared to their oval and round counterparts. This makes shipping easier and less delicate since the containers can be compacted together.

5. Square Bottles & Tubes

Tubes have also become quite the option for many users, especially when creating smaller products that are meant to be carried or used for convenience. These square tubes are used to store hospitality and cosmetic product packages such as on the go shampoos and sanitizers.

Where to Bulk Order the Best Spray Bottles

If you happen to be considering starting a business that requires quite the number of spray bottles, you need to find a way to access them without spending all your money in one spot. Here are a few ways to do that.

1. Buy from the factory

When starting out a business, one of the most important business tips is to reduce the cost of production. Getting the spray bottles straight from the source is one of the best ways to achieve this. Buying straight from the factory or manufacturers can reduce your production cost by quite an amount. Accessing the factories is even easier thanks to the internet.

There are numerous websites that you can use to ship in spray bottles straight from numerous manufacturers. When looking for the spray bottle manufacturer online, you need to be aware of scammers.

Carry out your research diligently, read reviews, and contact the spray bottle supplier before you decide to hand over your money. Some websites do not have strict vendor policies so verification may not be a priority. Apart from cheaper options, you also get to select your materials, sizes, and a lot more variations.

2. Consider the trading company

Trading companies are another great option to get a lot of spray bottles at an affordable price. Some of the companies ship in the spray bottles and other products and resell them. The prices might be a little bit higher compared to when you buy them from the manufacturer. The benefit of buying them from a trading factory is that they cut the shipping fees and time by a substantial amount. They are technically a nearby spray bottle supplier.

Wrap Up

As explained, there are many factors to consider before you start on the selection of spray bottles. I hope you utilize the information in this article as part of your research and you get the help you need for your decision-making process.

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