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Ultimate Tips on Finding Good Lotion Pump Manufacturers in China

There is a wide range of lotion pumps produced by different manufacturers in China. But not all lotion pumps are of good quality. As a company, you will notice that…
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There is a wide range of lotion pumps produced by different manufacturers in China. But not all lotion pumps are of good quality. As a company, you will notice that most clients love their liquid product with the right lotion pump. Thus, it is crucial to have a strategy when choosing a lotion pump.

Lack of a perfect strategy to filter a qualified lotion pump is a mistake made by many people. Below is a piece of useful information to use when choosing a lotion pump manufacture. The data will include mistakes made when choosing a lotion pump and how to filter your deal lotion pump.

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Top 3 Mistakes About Finding A Lotion Pump Manufacturer in China

Many people believe that China only produces cheap and low-quality lotion pump. That’s absolutely not true. But to our topic, you need to notice some mistakes when choosing your best lotion pump supplier.

There three top mistakes to check that a company can make when looking for a lotion pump in China. These mistakes include:

Mistake 1. Need a factory to offer all types of dispensers

In China, there are different Lotion pump companies. Each company specializes in a particular design of lotion pumps. One mistake a company can make is to expect to buy all their supplies from one supplier. In China, a company can either specialize in gallon pumps or specialize lotion pumps, due to the limitation of machines or production plant.

When choosing a supplier, consider a company that specializes in the kind of pumps you need, such as big manufacturers or trading companies. Big companies such as PumpsSpace are some of the companies to consider taking supplies. The manufacturer is a big company with different factories. Thus, a company can be able to buy various lotion pump supplies from the same supplier.

Mistake 2. Picking your partner based on price

How a supplier price a product is a red-flags that will show if a company is genuine or not. Some manufactures tend to lower costs to attract more companies. In most cases, if a manufacturer has unrealistic prices. The lotion pumps can end up as low-quality.

Before trusting a supplier, ask for samples of lotion pumps, they will be producing. The models will give a clear picture. The example also shows if the supplier understands what the expected lotion pumps are. A supplier can also offer one-stop packaging for you to earn their trust.

A company should not hire a supplier due to unreasonable prices. As a company, reach out to the suppliers to ensure their prices are equal to the quality of expected lotion pumps.

Mistake 3. Assuming the end product will 100% match the prototype

Before getting the final lotion, pumps, there must be a sample of the final product. Most companies make the mistake of assuming that the final product will be the same as the prototype.

One thing a company should understand is the prototype processing is different from the final processing. The processing difference causes a slight difference between the sample and the final product. But the final product should have a reasonable difference.

Before signing the agreement, make sure the contract has clear communication with the suppliers. Clear communication will help to identify a genuine or fake supplier. Above are the top mistakes made by companies when choosing a supplier. For a company to avoid the above mistakes, there are tips on filtering the ideal lotion pumps.


How to Filter Your Ideal Lotion Pumps Manufacturer

Filtering a good lotion pump manufacture in China can be a big job. As mentioned earlier, you may meet fake products in the manufacturing market. Thus, below are some ways on how a company should filter the ideal lotion manufacturer.

Tip #1: Make sure it’s manufacturer, not resellers or traders

Most manufactures in China are craftsmanship, meaning they make the products from scratch. But some resellers trade other traders’ products and do not know about crafting. Thus, before getting a supplier, a company has to identify the genuine suppliers fast. Below are some steps to help a company differentiate manufacture from a trade.

Step 1: A genuine company will appear in an industry new or article. Most traders are unable to give their customers the necessary crafting information. Hence, ask the manufacture for basic details about the product will identify a genuine supplier.

Step 2: Ask the supplier for information about the company. As for information such as the companies address, pictures, or manufacturing videos.

Step 3: Do research on the specific regions in China that specializes in the expected lotion pumps. Having a particular area will help in filtering genuine suppliers.

Step 4: Request for the company’s business license. Do not forget to confirm the local authorities’ registration number. If a trader does not provide a license, it’s a red flag that they are resellers.

Step 5: Request to pick up the product from local agents or direct from the company. Also, ask for cash payment for your product. A genuine supplier will be happy if you pick the products yourself.

Tip #2: Verify the credentials of supplier/manufacturer

One way to verify a genuine supplier is by asking for a business license or other business certification. But there are different ways to identify a trustworthy supplier. Ask the supplier for samples of the expected lotion pumps.

If a supplier offers free samples, it is one way to tell that the company is a direct supplier or manufacturer. For resellers, they will never offer free samples to their customers. The other importance of having a model is that you will check if the lotion pump is what the company wants.

Tip #3: The MOQ can tell a lot of facts

Suppliers have a massive cost of production when producing lotion pumps. Manufacturing and warehouse cost increase the cost of production. The production cost does not allow the suppliers to accept the least quantity orders at a low price.

The number of quantities to order makes a big difference between a manufacture and a reseller. The manufacture will take the least order of 5000-10000 for them to cover the production cost. The cost will also be lower since it is a bulk buy.

Tip #4: Make a call to the supplier

By only making a call, you will tell if the company is a genuine supplier or not. Suppose a company does not provide an actual number with online registration. Then do not trust the manufacture with your supplies. Fake suppliers have fake numbers on their online platforms. A number that does not march their actual numbers helps to avoid tracking from authorities.

As a company, the first step should be calling the supplier before contracting a lotion pump supplier. If the manufacture does not have a landline, it is a red flag that they are not genuine. A company should not have a mobile number only. China has a landline cord, which can trace the company location.

Tip #5: Do online research or research from Chinese supplier’s directories

China has different directories, such as Alibaba or the Hong Kong trade development council. Genuine manufacturers post information on these platforms. Thus, it becomes easy when having online research about a supplier.

Google offers all the information about the company. You can also get to know if the trader has participated in trade shows. If traders take part in the trade show, it proves a good relation with its customers.

What to Understand About Lotion Pump Suppliers?

The above information offers a clear picture of china suppliers. Partnering with the wrong supplier can cause many problems for your business. Let’s discuss how bad suppliers can affect a company.

1. Poor communication: Poor suppliers do not have a straightforward means of communication. With poor communication, there will be no precise details with the expected quality of lotion pumps.

2. Cost: If a company is new in the industry, the supplier might take advantage and charge more than expected. The cost of the lotion pumps will affect the manufacturing cost of the end product. Thus, your product can be expensive than the market price and can also cause losses to the company.

3. Business continuity: Suppliers are the backbone of production for a company. A low partnership can damage the continuity of a business. A supplier should deliver quality products at the agreed time.

4. Not complying with the contract: If a supplier is not genuine, he/she will not respect the agreement. Make sure the arrangement benefits both parties. Review the contract before finalizing the deal.

Best Quality Lotion Pumps in China

Gone are the days when China used to produce low-quality products. In China, there are genuine lotion pump manufacturer that will give you quality production of lotion pumps. China offers smart and affordable pumps lotion pumps. But most of the real suppliers are unknown due to the fraud companies.

With the above information, you will be able to get genuine producers in China. In case you still need further guidance, feel free to contact PumpsSpace. PumpsSpace is an ISO certified company from China. The company is ready to help you get genuine suppliers from China.

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