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How To Choose Eco-Friendly Bottles For Your Sanitizers

The packaging is necessary because it helps preserve products, displays important information regarding a product, is used as a marketing tool, and ensures that products are transported safely.

Eco-Friendly Bottles

Hand sanitizers are agents that we apply on our hands to remove common disease-causing organisms. The recent outbreak of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 has led to increased use of hand sanitizers worldwide.

Various health agencies have advised people to use hand sanitizers more often, especially when they cannot easily access soap and water, to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Hand sanitizer bottle suppliers have had to increase the production of the bottles because of the increased demand for hand sanitizers.

The use of hand sanitizers is likely to remain high even after the pandemic, and this is why any hand sanitizer bottle supplier will have to adopt eco-friendly packaging.

Unless we intentionally make an effort to reduce the waste that might result from increased use of hand sanitizer packaging, the waste might have a negative impact on the environment. We need to protect the environment for the current generation and future generations too.

Eco-Friendly Is the Trend of Packaging

Packaging products is an essential part of daily life and cannot be avoided entirely.

The packaging is necessary because it helps preserve products, displays important information regarding a product, is used as a marketing tool, and ensures that products are transported safely.

Amid rising concerns about climate change, companies have adopted business practices that are mindful of human safety and environmental safety. Consumers also tend to prefer eco-friendly products as they are safe for human consumption and the environment.

Therefore, it is more beneficial for businesses to adopt eco-friendly practices.

Companies that are in the business of packaging have adopted eco-friendly packaging solutions. The current trend is using eco-friendly packaging for all products, ranging from food products to cosmetics.

As a hand sanitizer bottle brand, it is vital that you adopt innovative eco-friendly packaging.

Some businesses have adopted the use of reusable packages for hand sanitizer. Reusable packaging is a sustainable option as it minimizes wastage.

What Kind of Packaging Is Eco-Friendly

Packaging products are considered eco-friendly if the product does not contain toxic materials, if the product is made under conditions that are friendly to the environment, packaging that is square-shaped, packaging that results in minimal waste once it is no longer useful, packaging that is not wasteful, packaging containing 40% less resin, packaging that is composed of organic material, and packaging products that contain PFP.

All the effort to make sustainable packaging aims to reduce carbon emissions in manufacturing the products and when the product is disposed of. Some of the sustainable packaging solutions that have been adopted in the packaging business include;

PET Plastic (Polyethylene terephthalate)

PET plastic is considered an eco-friendly packaging material because it is widely reused. When the packaging material is reusable and recyclable, waste is minimized to a great extent, reducing the risk it poses to the environment.

Recyclable Packaging

This kind of packaging is made of materials that can be processed and used again. The waste material from the packaging can be used to make the same product or different products. Examples of recyclable packaging material include corrugated cardboard, glass, paper, and certain types of plastic.

Biodegradable Material

This category entails packaging made from a material that will quickly decompose in the soil once disposed of. Such materials are preferred because even though they result in waste at the end of their use, they do not pose a significant risk to the environment. Material that takes too long a time to decompose after disposal is not considered ecofriendly. The most common example is the paper-based packaging.

Reusable Packaging

Packaging products in this category can be cleaned and reused. For instance, in the context of hand sanitizer bottles, consumers will be able to clean their packaging containers and get them refilled with hand sanitizer. This ensures that there is no waste resulting from the use of hand sanitizer.

Benefits of Coating

Coating of packaging material is an essential part of the packaging process. As earlier mentioned in this article, packaging plays a crucial role in the security, preservation, marketing, and conveying important information about the product. Coating is vital if you want to achieve these goals of packaging.

You can choose either an aqueous or UV coating for your packaging. Aqueous coating is commonly used because it is less expensive. UV coatings make better quality and more durable coatings, and they cost more than aqueous coatings. However, UV coatings are not very eco-friendly.

Choose An Eco-Friendly Sanitizer Bottles Supplier

Let’s face it, though, and we cannot eliminate plastic from our packaging options. Plastic has an aspect of longevity compared to other paper-based packaging materials. You only need to be careful to use eco-friendly types of plastic.

Some products will, by their nature, require plastic packaging as opposed to other packaging material. Hand sanitizer, for instance, is an item that you use several times a day. Therefore, it needs to be in robust packaging to resist wear and tear from everyday handling.

PumpsSpace provides sustainable hand sanitizer bottle solution.

PumpsSpace predominantly works with PET hand sanitizer bottles. PET bottles are eco-friendly as they are reusable, recyclable, and durable.

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