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Hand Sanitizer Packaging Guide: Branding amid COVID-19

If you are a hand sanitizer brand, keeping pace with these shifts can instantly take your brand to the next level.

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Since the outbreak of COVID 19, hand sanitizers have grown in demand. From kids to adults and older people, everyone is using different types of sanitizers and disinfectants to ensure safety during the lockdown. The pandemic has also greatly impacted the 900-billion dollar packaging industry as massive changes have been observed in shapes and designs of containers.

If you are a hand sanitizer brand, keeping pace with these shifts can instantly take your brand to the next level.

Remember that the latest packaging trends require one to offer more than just affordability, convenience, and performance. Nowadays, a killer design is the one that is ship ready, follows modern hygiene standards, and offers a good sustainability narrative.

In this article, we will shed light on different design aspects to help you be ahead of the curve.

All the following information is based on facts and collected by our pros at PumpsSpace – an eminent name in the packaging and branding industry of empty hand sanitizer bottles. Please read this info carefully to truly take your brand ahead.

What Are The Most Common Bottle Shapes In Use For Hand Sanitizers?

Different manufacturers use different shapes of bottles for their products. There isn’t one standard design or rule curbing you to use a particular shape. However, some designs are more popular than others, and thus, are widely used by hand sanitizer manufacturers.

Based on the likeability, these are our top design recommendations for you:

1. Boston Round Bottles

Also known as Winchester Bottle, this bottle is a big hit among plastic bottle manufacturers. It has a cylindrical shape featuring a narrow mouth and short rounded shoulders. The design of this bottle lets liquids easily pour out, making it ideal for hand sanitizers.

2. Cylindrical Bottles

Cylindrical bottles are another popular choice in the bottle manufacturing industry. These bottles have straight walls and nearly flat shoulders. They feature a variety of neck shapes and are ideal to contain hand sanitizers.

3. Foam Pump Bottles

These bottles come in a range of shapes and sizes. They feature foam pumps that create high-quality foam with each stroke. Commonly, restaurants and malls use these bottles for hair care products, liquid soaps, and hand sanitizers.

4. F-Style Bottles

These bottles are typically used for storing large quantities of fertilizers, detergents, chemicals, and hand sanitizers or disinfectants. They are rectangular shaped and feature a built-in handle – making them easy to carry around.

5. Industrial Round Bottles

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, these bottles typically feature a built-in handle to provide convenience in carrying them around. They are ideal for storing a range of liquids including hand sanitizers and disinfectants.

6. Spray Bottles

The last type on this list!

Spray bottles have become a popular choice for hand sanitizers during COVID 19. They feature an atomizer nozzle which can be adjusted to perform several functions. For example, you can adjust it to spray, mist, or squirt disinfectants.

So, these were the most popular bottle types for hand sanitizers and disinfectants during the pandemic. Now that you know what shape of hand sanitizer bottles are the most in-demand, your next goal is to keep abreast of the evolving trends in the packaging industry.

What Are The Shifts In Packaging Megatrends Brought By COVID 19?

The pandemic has triggered multiple disruptions in the global packaging industry. These disruptions are likely to reshape the packaging industry for good as they raise the bar for contemporary packaging and also the clients’ expectations.

In light of the above, it has become essential for companies to improve their performance to survive the fierce competition. Below, we will take a glance at the most epic shifts that have happened in the packaging industry due to the pandemic and how you can capitalize on them to dominate the market.

Hygiene is the New Must

Previously, sustainability was the top priority for packaging brands. However, the outbreak of COVID 19 has completely changed this trend. Nowadays, hygiene has become the new cornerstone of packaging policy around the world.

While sustainability will remain a key packaging factor, hygiene and consumer safety are clearly ahead in terms of importance. In fact, they are likely to become the next norm for both consumers and packaging chains.

As a hand sanitizer bottle manufacturer, you should apply approaches that meet all the safety and hygiene standards to truly standout in the COVID 19 stricken market.

Rise in E-Commerce Shipments

Since the pandemic has shut down the majority of physical stores, consumers are looking online to shop for hand sanitizers and other disinfectants. This has caused a massive increase in e-commerce shipments both locally and globally.

To keep pace with the growing demand, you must establish a firm online presence as a sanitizer bottle manufacturer. Also, your packaging must fulfill the modified e-commerce packaging standards.

According to these standards, the bottles should be able to prevent product damage and supportive of e-channels. Moreover, these bottles need to be three to four times tougher than traditional on-the-shelf bottles to bear long shipments.

To meet these standards and to enhance quality, speed, and productivity try using artificial intelligence and automation.

Changing Consumer Preferences

The pandemic has brought a massive change in consumer preferences. Users are no longer spending extravagantly on non-essentials and have shifted channels. Moreover, the majority of online shoppers are going to famous packaging brands as they offer more security during the pandemic.

Nesting behavior is another growing trend that’s making headlines nowadays. In this behavior, people prefer to stay at home instead of going to malls for branding and packaging of their products.

Given the growing fame of this trend, experts are predicting that a large portion of future packaging orders will take place online.

As a packaging manufacturer, you must watch these changing patterns closely and offer apt solutions. For example, making your operational process more flexible and agile is an effective way to meet the rapidly growing consumer demands.

Reduced Packaging Budgets

Due to uncertainty over COVID 19’s lasting impact, consumers have brought down their packaging budgets. This, as a result, has increased cost pressures in the industry.

Besides, the pandemic has caused packaging clients to drop global or cross-regional suppliers for regional suppliers. Therefore, as a packaging manufacturer for hand sanitizers, you must think of ways to build a regional supply chain.

Also, your goal should be to produce sterile bottles for consumers looking to sell hand sanitizers and disinfectants.

Increased Digitization

The last and one of the most important consequences of COVID 19 is increased digitization. As the pandemic continues to reshape the packaging industry, the manufacturers are opting for more digitization through AI, remote support, real time reporting & analytics, and other automation techniques.

With added digitization comes high productivity and better resilience. Not only that, but having a digitized brand also enables consumers to track their suppliers more closely than ever. This builds transparency and assures good hygiene of the bottles.

How to Aptly Market Your Products during the Pandemic?

COVID 19 has rocked every industry. Nearly all the business is happening through online means and a large number of companies are struggling to stay afloat. A study by SHRM shows that 62% of small brands have experienced a fall in revenue due to the lockdown.

Amidst all this, it’s become important for brands to come up with effective branding strategies to get ahead in the game.

To help struggling brands, we will look at effective branding and marketing strategies in this section. Read on to learn more.

Avoid Using Basic Phrases

Nowadays, every other marketing campaign features phrases like “we’re in this together” or “in these uncertain times”. While reassuring messages are always a good way to grab clients’ attention, they don’t always help you sell.

People are getting used to receiving such messages and yours will be just another one in their mailboxes. Instead, focus on how your product is going to help them stay safe during the pandemic. For example, if you are a hand sanitizer brand, then emphasize the anti-COVID effects of your product. This will instantly draw their attention to your brand.

Try a New Packaging

Another cool thing you can do for marketing your brand is to try new packaging. The change could be temporary or permanent depending on its effectiveness.

Let’s again use the previous example of hand sanitizers to illustrate.

As a renowned hand sanitizer manufacturer, your packaging probably already features the best aspects of your product. You can add more value to it by explaining how it will protect the users against certain diseases.

Remember that hand sanitizers didn’t become a hit during COVID 19. They were an important healthcare product even before the pandemic flared up. So even without mentioning COVID 19 and just by highlighting the general benefits of your product, you can become a top seller.

Be Creative

Creativity goes a long way in branding campaigns. And when it comes to packaging of products during the pandemic, nothing works better than a bit of creativity.

By creativity, we don’t mean splurging on designs but being unique in approach. For example, promoting special offers is an excellent way to draw clients’ attention to your brand. You can also have a brainstorming session to come up with an idea that will get the users swarming on your website.

The key is to come up with a plan that will attract customers and persuade them to buy your product.

How Can PumpsSpace Help You?

When it comes to branding and packaging of empty sanitizer bottles, PumpsSpace can make the road easy for you. PumpsSpace is a top sanitizer bottle manufacturer and can solve all your branding or packaging related worries during COVID 19.

Additionally, we have a range of custom packages tailored according to your branding needs. Not only this, but we can also safely ship your products to all parts of the world. From improving your logo to manufacturing unique bottles to eclipse your competitors, everything you need is just a call away.

Please feel free to reach out to us for more details.

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